Archeological Civic Museum of Water


Archaeological Civic Museum of WatersWith a rich and vast heritage of archaeological finds related mostly to the Etruscan and Roman periods, the Archaeological Civic Museum “of Waters” has the the world's richest apparatus of painted canopic vases.

Besides the space dedicated to housing, to the sanctuaries and the reconstruction of a chamber tomb of the seventh century BC, you find the striking section devoted to the divinities of health related to the theme of water.

Particularly interesting are the terracotta pediment of a sacred building found at the Fucoli source and the bronze chariot driven by the goddess Selene-Diana found in the nineteenth century at the source of Sillene. In 2010 the Museum obtained the 'International Water Academy, a sign of life ", a prestigious award, which honors the Commitee efforts.

The prize was awarded for "having been able to collect, organize and exploit to great advantage for culture and tourism, archaeological finds of world importance which prove the fame of the city of Chianciano Terme, since the time of the Etruscans, for its very healthy hot springs".