Water Life


The famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani, whose company in the last year has become an expert and trusted hotel interior design firm, has been promoting an initiative to raise such an important issue like the free access to drinking water to all the disadvantaged populations of Africa, in particular, Ghana.

NGO Green Cross International, has taken up the challenge by organizing a campaign dedicated to raising awareness of youg people. Starting from March, 10th each perfume Acqua di Gio or Acqua di Gioia sold will offer 100 liters of water to the children of Ghana and the lora community.

There is also a Facebook page created in order to trigger a viral effect and get results more or less important based on the assignment of participants to the Initiative. Just do "Like" on the page to give the right to a liter of water, and through the application Water for Life you can create your own group or join another group to give 10 additional liters.

That water is an issue increasingly at the center of interest of NGOs and other initiatives that can benefit from the digital and social media spaces in particular in order to sensitize the public and stakeholders.
Over the same period 1001 Fontaines has mobilized through a web site in order to alert banks to donate money in support of production / collection of drinking water for populations in developing countries.